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Premium Member

Premium Member 1.0

Release date
Last update
Initial support
6 months
Renewal price

Feature summary

  • Automatic expiring date (when the date has passed, player's vip features are automatically turned off)
  • Invisibie for 10seconds (Can be purchased 2 times per round)
  • Health pack (250 HP as Human) and 2,500 HP as zombie. Can be purchased 3 times per round
  • Gravity - player gets a small amount of gravity
  • Armor - Available for humans. Player get specific amount of Armor. Can be purchased 2 times per round
  • say /expire - see expiration date of your privileges
  • say /bshop - open main menu of premium menu
  • Every map player get 200 Ammo packs bonus as Premium Member
  • Shown on list of connected premium members, say /premiums to see premium members currently online
  • Show HUD message when premium member has connected to everyone
This plugin is licensed under MIT

Product details

Premium Member is an addon for Zombie Plague 4.3 mod that gives vip features to the player(s).
It has it's own ini file where you can add player benefits. One of the interested things is that you don't need to care about when you need to remove the player privileges because this plugin has automatic expiring system. Once the date you entered has passed, player lost it's benefits and get notification.

Unlike many others plugins that uses default password authentication (setinfo _pw) this addon comes with new password authentication (setinfo _pass "your_password").

Q: How can i add new premium member?

A: Open premiums.ini file located in configs, and see explaination and an example how to add new premium member.

Q: I've added new premium member, but he don't have benefits

A: When you add new player member and set up a password, you should notice your players, to put his own password by typing in console setinfo _pass "his_password".

Q: Does your plugin support Multi Lingual translations?
A: - At this time no, maybe in near future.
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