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Zombie Plague Balanced Mod

Zombie Plague Balanced Mod 4.3 Fix 7

Release date
Last update
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12 months
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Feature summary

  • zp_player_madness_limit default is 2.
  • zp_player_infbomb_limit default is 2
  • zp_player_antidote_limit default is 3
  • zp_infbomb_kill_lasthuman default is 0

Product details

This is edited version of main mod Zombie Plague 4.3 fix6a which balances te game between Zombies & Humans.

Added new cvars:
  1. zp_player_madness_limit default is "2" per round
  2. zp_player_infbomb_limit default is "2" per round
  3. zp_player_antidote_limit default is "3" per round
  4. zp_infbomb_kill_lasthuman default is "0"

zp_player_madness_limit < 2> - Zombie Player can use this ability maximum 2 times per round. you can easily change the default valu.
zp_player_infbomb_limit <2> - Default is 2 per round. each player can buy maximum of 2 inf bombs per round. You can change the default value.
zp_player_antidote_limit <3> - Default each player can buy antidote 2 times per round. You can change this value as well.
zp_infbomb_kill_lasthuman <0> - Default is 0. Last Infection bomb will not kill the last human. If value is increased to 1, the infection bomb will kill te last human.

Added counter in extra items to see how much player used extra items ( Antidote, Madness, Infection Bomb) and the player can see it's limits as well!
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